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Appeal against a decision to refuse your child a school place

If your child has not been offered a place at any of the schools you applied for, this will be because the school(s) are full with other children who more fully meet their admissions criteria. You do have a right to appeal for a place at any school you have applied for that has refused your child admission.

In deciding whether you have a good chance of your appeal being successful, it may be beneficial for you to consider the following:

  • have you been realistic in the school preferences you put forward for your child?
  • do you have genuine reasons why your child should attend a particular school?
  • would your child be disadvantaged by not attending a particular school?
  • are there exceptional circumstances that would prevent your child from attending the school offered or any of the alternative schools with availability?
  • has your preferred school's admission authority made a mistake in the way in which they dealt with your application, which meant that your child was not offered a place?
  • do you have any evidence or documents to demonstrate the point(s) that you are making?

Ensure you check the schools that Birmingham City Council manages appeals for, before submitting your appeal form.

If you submit appeal forms for schools that Birmingham City Council does not manage your appeal will be disregarded.

List of schools whose appeals are managed by Birmingham City Council

In year appeals

Appeal against the refusal of a place in current Reception class to current Year 13 using our In Year appeal form.

In Year appeal form

% Appeals upheld 2018 to 2019 academic year
Stage of education Birmingham Local Authority National
Primary 5.62% 19.7%
Secondary 4% 23.3%
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