The school appeals process

You'll have already been told the reasons in your decision email refusing your child a place at your preferred school or academy, and details of how to appeal.  

All appeals take place at The Council House Extension, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BU.

Birmingham’s Education Appeals Team will give you 10 school days’ notice of the time and date of the Appeal Hearing. However, if there are special circumstances, and you agree, the Appeal may be sooner.

We’ll ask you to arrive 5 minutes before the start time. Due to the volume of appeals, it may be that the Panel is running late and, therefore, kindly requests you to be patient. You will be allowed as much time as you need to present your case; most appeals take around 20 minutes. Your Appeal will be heard on the date of your appointment.

If you’re unable to attend the Appeal on the date arranged, you need to let the Appeal Clerk know as soon as possible, as it may be possible to reschedule it. Revised dates are only set in exceptional circumstances. If you’re not at the Appeal and haven’t contacted the Appeal Clerk to say you won’t be attending, the Appeal Panel may consider your appeal on any statements or other written material you’ve submitted.

Papers for Appeals

Birmingham’s Education Appeals Team will send you copies of the appeal papers as soon as possible before the Hearing, including a copy of our written statement, setting out our case for refusing your request for a particular school or academy.

Submit additional information

You will be able to submit additional information in support of an appeal using our online form after offer day.

If you bring additional information to the Hearing, the Appeal Panel will decide whether to consider it, taking into account its significance (to reduce delays, please bring 5 copies).

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