Calculating distances from schools

When thinking about which schools to list as preferences, you should be aware that one of the factors we take into consideration is the child’s distance from the school.

We calculate the distance using a computerised system based on ordnance survey coordinates.

These are calculated as a straight line measurement, in metres, between the pupil’s home address and an agreed point at the school site (refer to the school admission arrangements for details).

It does not take into account walking, cycling or driving routes.

Other websites that provide distance measuring facilities do not measure home to school distances as defined by us, so will produce different measurements.

We may carry out a home visit without prior notice to verify a child’s home address.

We may also ask you to provide proof of address, such as a copy of your council tax bill.

If a school place is offered on the basis of an address that we later find is different to the child’s normal and permanent home address, then that place could be withdrawn.

If you move house after you’ve submitted your application form you should contact us to let us know. We’ll tell you whether the change in circumstances can be considered.

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