Parish and Town council

As well as local councils, the UK also has around 10,000 parish, town and community councils. These form the most local level of government.

There is currently one Parish Council in Birmingham - New Frankley in Birmingham Parish. This was set up in 2000.

Parish elections are held every 4 years. However the New Frankley in Birmingham Parish election has been postponed until 2018, due to the Boundary Review.

A new Town Council has been set up in Sutton Coldfield following local consultation. This covers the four wards of Sutton Coldfield Constituency, and the first election of Parish Councillors took place on Thursday 5 May 2016.

Due to the Boundary Review in Birmingham, the next Sutton Coldfield Parish election will be held in 2018.

Here you will find the Parish and Town council results:

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