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A postal consultative ballot held in the summer of 2015 led to Birmingham City Council recommending the establishment of the town council at a full council meeting in September 2015. All residents on the local government electoral register in the parliamentary constituency of Sutton Coldfield were given the opportunity to cast their vote.

The result of votes cast in the consultative ballot, undertaken by Electoral Reform Services, between 25 June 2015 and 16 July 2015 in response to the question ‘Should a Town Council be established for the Parliamentary constituency of Sutton Coldfield within the City of Birmingham?’ are as follows

  • Number of eligible voters: 75,431
  • Total number of votes cast: 29,908
  • Turnout: 39.6%
  • Number of votes found to be invalid: 57
  • Number voting YES: 20,871 (69.9% of the valid vote)
  • Number voting NO: 8,980 (30.1% of the valid vote

You can view the leaflet that accompanied the ballot.

The all-party Community Governance Review Group at Birmingham City Council therefore agreed to recommend the creation of Sutton Coldfield Town Council, and this was passed at full council in September 2015. You can view the Statement of Recommendations issued after this full council meeting which sets out the reasons behind the decision to form Sutton Coldfield Town Council and the arrangements for electing it.

You can also read the report to full council.

The Sutton Coldfield Interim Town Council was formally created on 1 March 2016 by the Birmingham City Council (Reorganisation of Community Governance) Order 2015.

Civic event marks the establishment of the town council

On 1 March 2016, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Raymond Hassall, held a civic reception at the Council House to acknowledge the establishment of the Town of Sutton Coldfield and the Sutton Coldfield Interim Town Council. As part of the ceremony, the Lord Mayor presented the Sutton Coldfield civic regalia to the new town council.

Birmingham City council had released the mayoral chains, robes and mace in recognition of its historic significance now Sutton Coldfield Town Council will be the most local tier of government in the city. The regalia had been maintained by Birmingham’s museum service since the transfer of the former Borough of Sutton Coldfield to Birmingham City in 1974.

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Rt. Hon Greg Clark MP, showed his support for the creation of a Sutton Coldfield Town Council in a statement read out by leader of Birmingham City Council, Councillor John Clancy.

Mr Clark said “I would like to congratulate Sutton Coldfield on its new town council, created thanks to the overwhelming support of local people. As we oversee the biggest transfer of powers from Whitehall to town halls in a generation, I wish Sutton Coldfield Town Council and new town councillors in Sutton Coldfield success.”

You can see pictures of the historic day and further updates on the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council website.


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