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My child hasn’t had their pack | Bookstart | Birmingham City Council

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My child hasn’t had their pack

As the parent or guardian, has your child missed receiving their Baby Pack or Treasure Pack? Here’s what to do:

Baby Packs

  1. Ask your health visitor or healthcare professional – it may simply have been missed out
  2. If they are unable to assist you, email Bookstart Birmingham

Treasure Packs

If your child attends a nursery:

  1. Check first with the nursery. Nurseries often have gifting planned as part of a special event or they may be awaiting delivery of their Treasure Packs.
  2. If the nursery has not ordered their packs, the nursery will need to email Bookstart Birmingham to order them as it is possible that the whole class group hasn’t received one either.

If your child is looked after by a child minder and does not attend a nursery group:

  1. Check first with your child minder and see if they have ordered their packs.
  2. If your child minder has not ordered their packs, the child minder needs to email Bookstart Birmingham to order them.

If you are a home educator:

  1. If you are a home educator, you will need to order your own packs
  2. Email Bookstart Birmingham so we can see what you need.

If you are a nursery

Nurseries and children's centres should email Bookstart Birmingham for details on how to place their order.

We are sorry if your child has missed a pack and will do our best to remedy this. Please note that the packs are age appropriate, and may no longer be suitable if the child is no longer between the ages of 0 to 5years.

Treasure Packs follow the academic year e.g. Sep 2020 to July 2021. Your child needs to be aged 3 to 4 years in that academic year to receive their Treasure Pack.