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Repairs the council is responsible for | Repairs to leasehold properties | Birmingham City Council

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Repairs the council is responsible for

The council is responsible for arranging repairs if the problem affects the structure of the building or shared areas of the building. Leaseholders have to pay some of the costs involved.

The council’s repairs may include those below. Check your lease agreement for full details.

  • Washers/main stop valves to the block
  • Repairs to burst or leaking pipes outside the property
  • Clear blockage or repair leaks to the main soil stack, rain water pipes and gutters
  • Joists/wall plates to flooring, damp-proof membrane or concrete floor slab
  • Repairs to the exterior of the building, such as roof, wall, or window frame repairs
  • Communal staircases
  • Internal and external window frames
  • Glazing to communal windows
  • Communal electrics
  • Communal decoration
  • Communal doors and entrances
  • Shared service pipes.

Note that gas and electricity meters are repaired by your gas or electricity supplier.