New rules for landlords

From 5 June 2023 there will be new rules for landlords who rent out property in Birmingham.

New rules for houses of multiple occupation (HMOs)

A licensable HMO is a property rented by five or more people who are not from one 'household' (for example a family) but share facilities such as a bathroom or kitchen. It is sometimes called a 'house share.'

Landlords need a licence to rent out an HMO. This licence is also known as a 'mandatory licence'.

Read more about HMOs.

The rules for smaller HMOs change on 5 June 2023. From that date, a landlord will need a licence for a property where three or more people live and who are not from one household. This licence is also known as an 'additional HMO licence'.

Read about additional HMO licensing.

New rules for other rented properties

From 5 June 2023, you will need a licence to rent out any property in 25 of Birmingham's 69 wards. This is called 'selective licensing'.

This follows our successful application to the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to designate parts of the city as subject to selective licensing.

Read about selective licensing.

You will not need a selective licence if your property is classed as an HMO.

However, you will still need an HMO licence (mandatory or additional) for any HMO you rent out in the 25 affected wards.

Page last updated: 14 March 2023

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