As a landlord you are responsible for repairs to:

  • The structure and outside of the property
  • Basins, baths, sinks and toilets
  • Fires, radiators, water heaters
  • Water, gas and electricity supply and meters
  • Water tanks and boilers

You should include details of your responsibility for the maintenance of your property in your tenancy agreement. You should also provide tenants with clear guidelines on how to report a repair.

If the repairs are not done promptly, tenants can:

  • Contact the council and ask us to take action. We would then speak to the landlord about the repairs and work with the landlord to get these completed. If the landlord continues to withhold repairs then further action may be taken by council.
  • Take you to court.
  • Sue you for compensation if they are injured or their possessions are damaged because you didn’t carry out the necessary repairs.

Finding a reliable builder

No Rogue Traders Here works with Trading Standards to keep a list of traders across the West Midlands who have been interviewed and quality checked. Register for free online or call them on 0800 233 5000 to find an honest and fair trader today

Or, look for a builder who is TrustMark certified. TrustMark is a government initiative set up to help individuals find a reliable trader. Any trader that is ‘trust marked’ means they have had their financial position checked and have signed up to a code of practice that includes insurance, proper health and safety practices and customer care.

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