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Benefits of private renting

A private rented property could be any type of residential property such as a house or a flat. The property is owned by an individual or private company who then allows someone to live in it for a monthly rent payment.

In Birmingham we have a good supply of private rented properties in most areas. It is often easier, quicker and more convenient to secure a private rented property.

  • Properties are usually available immediately.
  • You have greater choice over where you live.
  • Available furnished, unfurnished and even part furnished.
  • It is easy to end the tenancy if you decide to move.

Finding somewhere to rent

Landlords often advertise properties available to rent in local newspapers or newsagents windows. Letting agents and estate agents often let and manage properties for private landlords. An agency will normally charge for the service they provide and you should consider keeping money aside to pay for this.  For more information is available on the charges and costs you might come across when renting somewhere privately.

If where you live now is not suitable for you or your family then you may be able to find private rented accommodation through a scheme set up in partnership with the council to assist people with housing needs to find suitable private rented accommodation.   If you are in need of accommodation they may be able to assist with paying the deposit.  If you would like further information on this scheme and details of available properties you will need a Housing Options interview.

Request a housing options interview

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