Empty homes

Homes that stand empty in Birmingham are a target for:

  • squatters
  • vandals
  • burglars

Instead, they could be providing homes for the many people who need one.

An empty property can devalue your home if you live near to it. We need to know about empty properties in Birmingham. You can help us by reporting an empty home.

I own an empty property

Returning empty properties to use helps us reduce homelessness and overcrowding in existing homes.

We aim to bring 350 empty homes back into use every year.

You may have to pay penalties such as increased council tax if your property is empty for two years or more.

Read about council tax penalties, also known as ‘premium charges.’

In some cases, the law says we can apply to the courts for a compulsory purchase order to buy an empty property. We will usually only take such action as a last resort.

There is more about how we can bring an empty property back into use in our empty property strategy.

I want to rent out my empty property

If you want to rent out an empty property, we can tell you what is involved and give you advice and guidance on the steps to take.

Email us at emptyproperty@birmingham.gov.uk

If you are having problems renting out your property, our Accommodation Finding Team (AFT) may also be able to help.

Read about our AFT.

Page last updated: 15 February 2023

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