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Privately rented property licensing

There are three schemes currently in operation in Birmingham.

For the purpose of the schemes detailed below, a household is defined as 'a group of people from the same family'.

Mandatory HMO licensing

This has been a requirement nationwide since 2006 and applies to any privately rented property which houses:

  • more than five residents who are unrelated
  • from two or more households
  • who share either a bathroom or a kitchen

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Additional property licensing for HMOs

Since 5 June 2023 all privately rented properties in Birmingham need a licence if they house:

  • three or four people
  • from two or more households
  • who share either a bathroom or a kitchen, need a licence

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Selective property licensing

Since 5 June 2023 any privately rented, single household properties located in any of the designated 25 wards, need a licence.

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We have created a form to help you determine if your privately rented property needs a licence:

Complete the property licensing triage form

Page last updated: 3 November 2023

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