Problems with a tenant

Nuisance neighbours

If your tenants complain about antisocial behaviour, or someone complains to you about your tenants, you need to take action. Doing nothing can mean that you lose tenants and money—whether it’s your tenants’ behaviour that is the problem or if someone else is making your tenants’ lives miserable.

Call the Birmingham Antisocial Behaviour Helpline on 0121 303 1111 for help and advice.

Rent arrears (failure to pay rent)

If your tenant is receiving Housing Benefit payments direct and falls into arrears of eight weeks or more, please report it to us. We will then usually send any further Housing Benefit payments directly to you or the agent.

If we do not feel that you are a fit and proper person to receive these payments direct, we can refuse to make them or withhold benefits while an investigation takes place. To recover the arrears you would have to pursue the tenant. This may involve taking enforcement action against them.

If you are considering taking enforcement action against your tenant, please contact the Benefit Service by:

Telephone: 0121 464 7000

Benefit Service
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 8267
B4 7XF

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