Flooding advice

Life threatening emergencies

If there is an immediate risk to life, for example someone is trapped in a vehicle, or you are trapped by floodwater always call the emergency services on 999

During a flood, don't

  • drive down flooded roads
  • walk or cycle in flood water
  • swim, paddle or play in flood water

Blocked drains

We clean roadside drains (known as gullies) regularly.  Flooding can be caused by blocked gullies, but more often the volume of water in a short amount of time during heavy rainfall can cause flooding on the roads. Please allow enough time for the water to disperse before reporting a blocked drain.

Flooded roads

If a road is flooded and causing problems for traffic, please report it to us online.

If it is outside of normal office hours, call our emergency number

Missing or lifted manhole covers

If a manhole or drain cover is missing, has dropped down, or is sticking up enough to be dangerous, please do not try to move it yourself.  You can report it to us online.

If it is outside of normal office hours, or a serious hazard to traffic or pedestrians, call our emergency number


If there is sewage in the road, contact Severn Trent.

Water in your home

If your home becomes flooded, and it is safe to do so, you should:

  • switch off your electricity supply at the fuse box
  • turn off your water supply at the mains

If you are a council tenant and there is water inside your home or your electrics have been affected, please call our emergency number

If you rent privately or from a housing association, contact your landlord; you don't need to report it to us.