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Apply for consent for watercourse works | Birmingham City Council

Apply for consent for watercourse works

You may need to apply for our consent to carry out works that affect an ordinary watercourse. Your application must demonstrate that your proposals won’t have an adverse effect on flood risk or the environment. Applications cost £50.

Both permanent and temporary works affecting a watercourse may require consent. Temporary works could be the damming of a watercourse to allow permanent work such as the installation of a bridge. When considering if your works require consent, consider if they would affect the flow of the watercourse when it’s full to the top of the bank. If the flow of the watercourse, when it’s full to the top of the bank, will be affected the work will need consent.

If the watercourse is a main river you need to apply for consent from The Environment Agency for any works that you propose to carry out within 8m of the top of the bank.

Apply in writing

Please read the guidance notes before you submit your application.

Please include a cheque or postal order for £50 (payable to Birmingham City Council) with your application, and it return it to the address below.