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Flood risk management Asset Register | Birmingham City Council

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Flood risk management Asset Register

The asset register shows structures and features that are important to managing flood risk (such as flood defence wall, storage tanks, balancing ponds, land drainage, highway drainage) along with the relevant Flood Risk Management Authority responsible for their maintenance.

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires that only significant assets are included on the register, therefore every asset in Birmingham won’t be shown.

The asset register will be updated regularly to include new significant assets as we discover them and additional information will be added as it’s identified.

Using the Asset Register

View a map showing all of Birmingham's flood risk management assets.

If you know the road name or post code of the location you’re interested in, enter it into the search field. Once you’ve found a flood risk management asset you’re interested in, click the 'Identify' button on the menu bar and then click within the boundary of the asset you’re interested in. The details for that asset will then be displayed together with the Flood Risk Management Authority responsible for its maintenance.