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Flood risk plans and strategies | Birmingham City Council

Flood risk plans and strategies

There are a number of local strategies and plans that set out how flood risk in Birmingham is managed, the level of flood risk and actions to manage that risk.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

The Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 has a duty to develop, maintain, apply and monitor the application of a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy in its area. The strategy sets out the objectives for managing local flood risk and the measures proposed to achieve those objectives. The strategy comprises the following documents:

Surface Water Management Plan

Birmingham City Council and its partners have produced a Surface Water Management Plan for Birmingham. It sets out to understand the causes and effects of surface water flooding and establish an action plan that provides the most cost effective way of managing surface water flood risk for the long term.

Due to the number of properties at risk of surface water flooding, it was not possible to understand the flood risk and develop an action plan to manage the risk to every one of these properties. Therefore it was necessary to develop an approach to determine the areas of the City at significant risk that could be assessed within the budget and timescale available for the project.

The study comprises the following documents:

Flood Risk Regulations

The Flood Risk Regulations implement the requirements of the European Floods Directive, which aims to provide a consistent approach to managing flood risk across Europe.

The Flood Risk Regulations set out a six year cycle of planning based on a four stage process, outlined below.