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Evacuation from flooding

In some cases, it may be necessary for you to leave your property. You may be informed by:

  • officials knocking on your door
  • vehicle-mounted loudspeakers
  • local radio or television stations
  • official social media channels (e.g. police, fire service, council, environment agency)

You should leave as quickly as possible and make your way to the designated assembly/evacuation point:

  • put small animals in pet carriers or secure boxes
  • check neighbours are aware of the emergency
  • pack spare clothing, essential medication and any special dietary foods
  • take personal documents, valuables and a phone charger if possible
  • turn off mains gas, electricity and water supplies

You will receive support and advice at the evacuation centre.

If you have not been told to evacuate but feel you are at risk, leave your property immediately and contact emergency services.

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