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Registering an address with Royal Mail | Street naming and numbering | Birmingham City Council

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Registering an address with Royal Mail

Royal Mail owns the Postcode Address File (PAF) which is widely used for verifying addresses and ‘address lookup’, for example when internet shopping. Sometimes the address of a property is missing from PAF, which may cause problems for property owners.

If  you are a developer and have already obtained your official addressing from us, contact the local Royal Mail delivery office and ask that they transfer the address from the Not Yet Built file onto the live version of PAF (Postcode Address File).

If this seems to be an issue with your address, please use this application form and enter the details at Sections 1 and 4. The team will investigate and confirm when your address has been added to PAF.

For more details about PAF, please contact Royal Mail at addressmaintenance@royalmail.com or by telephone on 08456 011 110.