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How we create new addresses | Street naming and numbering | Birmingham City Council

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How we create new addresses

Where a new street name is needed, local elected Members are consulted on the developer’s suggestions. These must comply with the Council’s criterion. Roads to be named after a person no longer living must also be considered by the Cabinet Member for Transport and Roads.

We must create new addresses and road names to comply with national standards. Wherever possible, new addresses will always be given a number in the existing street sequence so emergency services can easily find the property

When we create new property numbers and road names we will issue official documents to confirm the new addresses. We request a postcode from Royal Mail.

After Royal Mail allocate a postcode they add the new postal address into the Not Yet Built file (NYB). Only when a new property is built, occupied and can receive mail will Royal Mail update the address from the NYB file to the Postcode Address file (PAF). Ring Royal Mail on 08456 011110 to update an address from NYB to PAF.