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Tributes paid after death of the Duke of Edinburgh

Cllr Mohammed Azim, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, has commented following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Full details of Birmingham's response

Requests to name a new street

Once you've received planning permission and are certain of the final layout of the proposed development you should apply for addresses during the very early stages of construction and definitely before it is substantially complete. Utility companies will not install services without an official postal address and postcode.

Developer are requested to provide suggestions for new road names which should follow the council's criterion:

  • names must have a geographical, historical or cultural link to the site or near area
  • names of living people must not be used.
  • names must not have a commercial connection.
  • names which are duplicated within the& Birmingham authority area will be rejected

Proposals should include:

  • a detailed reason for the choice of name
  • a location plan
  • a site layout identifying plot numbers and property entrances.

A list of pre-approved names is also available where the developer is unable to make suitable suggestions.

Naming of roads is a legal process and once a new street name has been officially approved, it cannot be renamed without a statutory order. This is costly and time-consuming, and may involve a Magistrate Court hearing.

Naming of a new street can normally be completed within 6 weeks but due to additional procedures for the approval of names after a person no longer living an additional 4 to 8 weeks should be added and will require the written agreement of the persons estate

Request to name a new street