Following Government advice, Birmingham City Council is taking measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus by introducing working from home wherever possible.

The Land Charges, Highways Searches and Addressing Teams will be working from home for the next few weeks.

We will continue to respond to enquiries and applications but there is likely to be an increase in response times.

Current response rates
Service Response time
LLC1 / CON29 6 working days
Land Charges personal search requests 10 working days
Highways Searches letter enquiries  12 working days
Addressing  applications 6 to 8 weeks

The council is legally required to name all new streets and number all new properties. Birmingham City Council carries out its duties under Sections 17 to 19 of the Public Health Act 1925. All requests for naming and numbering must be submitted to us so that they can be officially allocated and registered. No other organisations can provide official addresses for your development.

The clear naming and numbering of streets, buildings and internal flats or units is important to ensure that properties can be located quickly and efficiently by emergency services and couriers etc. Developers need official street names and numbers to be able to connect new buildings to gas, water and electricity. Residents also need them to apply for credit cards and obtain a variety of different goods and services.

All new addresses created comply with British Standard 7666 and the associated Data Entry Convention.

Developers and property owners must display the number of their property for clear identification.

Developers must erect street name plates. If you're a developer and cannot find the information you are looking for online on applying for naming and numbering changes, please call us on 0121 303 7687.

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