The council is legally required to name all new streets and number all new properties in the Birmingham area. If the property is outside the Birmingham area, contact the council to which you pay your Council Tax or Non-Domestic Rates. You can check the responsible council on GOV.UK website.

All requests for naming and numbering must be submitted to us so that they can be officially allocated and registered. No other organisations can provide official addresses for your development. When new addresses or amendments to an existing address are needed, it is essential we are contacted as early as possible.

Download Birmingham City Council’s Street Naming and Numbering Policy

Birmingham City Council carries out its duties under Sections 17 to 19 of the Public Health Act 1925.

All new addresses created comply with British Standard 7666 and the associated Data Entry Convention.

Developers and property owners must display the number of their property for clear identification.

Why do we need official addressing?

The clear naming and numbering of streets, buildings and internal flats or units is important to ensure that properties can be located quickly and efficiently by emergency services, postal services and others.

Without official addressing, allocated by submitting the form later in this section, developers may have difficulty in ordering utility connections and experience delays in selling properties as HM Land Registry does not recognise the addresses being used.

Residents will have similar delays for example in conveyancing, they will not be able to change their address for banking purposes, create utility contracts, arrange on-line contracts for a new phone, or even order a pizza.

If unofficial addressing comes into use it may cause confusion with meter readings and Council Tax or non-domestic rates valuations.

Developers must erect street name plates

As the developer or owner of these properties, you are responsible for marking the addresses which should be clearly legible from the road. Street nameplates should now be placed on order and manufactured and erected in accordance with Birmingham City Council’s specification

If you're a developer and cannot find the information you are looking for online on applying for naming and numbering changes, email llpg@birmingham.gov.uk.

Page last updated: 30 November 2023

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