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European Elections 2014

About the election

The European Parliament represents people living in the twenty eight Member Countries of the European Union.

List of Member Countries
Austria Italy
Belgium Latvia
Bulgaria Lithuania
Croatia Luxemburg
Cyprus Malta
Czech Republic Netherlands
Denmark Poland
Estonia Portugal
Finland Romania
France Slovakia
Germany Slovenia
Greece Spain
Hungary Sweden
Ireland UK

Elections for the European Parliament are held every five years and the next elections will take place on 22 May 2014. In the West Midlands more than 4 million people will have the opportunity to vote for their representatives in the European Parliament (known as Members of the European Parliament or MEPs). There are 7 seats available in the West Midlands.

The European Parliamentary Elections are run using a form of proportional representation. Voters have one vote only, and this can be cast for either a political party or an independent candidate. Each political party puts forward a list of candidates and the number of MEPs that are elected from each party to represent the West Midlands will depend on the overall share of the vote that party receives.

MEPs represent the whole of the West Midlands region and so everybody who is eligible to vote in the region will be voting for the same list of parties and candidates.

The West Midlands is made up of 30 local authority areas and each one has a Local Returning Officer who is responsible for running the election in their area. This includes producing the register of electors, sending out postal votes, running polling stations and counting the votes cast in that area.

Once all votes have been counted the Local Returning Officer reports the number of votes cast for each party to the Regional Returning Officer, who adds up all votes cast in the 30 local authority areas and will allocate the seats using a form of proportional representation.

The results of the election cannot be declared until all polls have closed across Europe and so the results of the elections in the West Midlands will be declared after 10pm on Sunday 25 May.

Further information can be found at http://www.europarl.org.uk/en/home.html