Notice of review

Birmingham City Council is conducting a review of its polling districts and polling places as required by the Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006, as amended by the Electoral and Administration Act 2013.


  • Polling district is the geographical area created by sub dividing an electoral area. All wards within Birmingham are divided into polling districts, which form the basis upon which the register of electors is produced.
  • Polling place is the designated area for a polling district in which a polling station is located.
  • Polling station is the area where the process of voting takes place e.g. a room within a school or community building.

The aim of the review is to ensure that:

  • Electors have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances; and
  • As far as is reasonable and practicable, polling places are accessible to all electors, and take into account the needs of disabled persons.

The review will not consider ward boundaries or parliamentary constituencies.
You can view the notice of review here

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