Free sessions at Birmingham City Council leisure centres – the Be-Active Scheme

The Be-active scheme provides free activities for all Birmingham residents to enjoy.

Activities include:

  • swimming
  • group exercise classes
  • gym sessions at certain times during the day

View the list of council leisure centres where the be-Active scheme runs

A free gym induction is included as part of the be active scheme, an induction will be needed for all customers prior to using the gym.

Contact your local centre to find out more and to book an appointment to become a Be Active member.

What is an Induction?

An induction will show you around the gym and how to safely use the equipment.

Identification needed to register for the scheme

If you are coming through the Homes for Ukraine scheme or the Family visa scheme, the following identification is needed.

The host/householder can write a letter for you, including their full postal address. This needs to be signed, stating that you are a Ukrainian guest living at their home.

Page last updated: 30 August 2022

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