About the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine)

On 14 March 2022 the Government published details of its Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

This bespoke scheme will offer a route to those who want to come to the UK who have someone here willing to provide them with a home. It will enable individuals, charities, community groups, and businesses to volunteer accommodation and provide a route to safety for Ukrainians, and their immediate family members, forced to escape their homeland.

Support to new arrivals

Birmingham City Council and the voluntary and community sector will work in partnership to ensure the necessary preparations are in place, so that we stand ready to provide sanctuary to Ukrainian people and families arriving in the city. This will include ensuring safeguarding arrangements and necessary support to both those arriving and sponsors.

What we cannot do

BCC has no control over visa applications. This is the Home Office’s responsibility. We are only informed about matched sponsors and guests by the DLUHC.

Further information

Read more about the Homes for Ukraine Scheme on the following pages:

Page last updated: 23 August 2023

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