National government determines immigration policy and whether an asylum seeker is accepted as a refugee.

This is the responsibility of the Home Office and the UK Visas and Immigration Department who decide who can legally reside in the UK.

The Home Office is responsible for managing the dispersal, accommodation, and support needs of asylum seekers while a decision on their asylum claim is made.

The Home Office operates several regional contracts to facilitate this. In Birmingham, the contract is held by Serco.

In Birmingham, there are two official Initial accommodation hostels for people who have just applied for asylum and need support.

Birmingham is also used by the Home Office as a major dispersal city for asylum seekers and has been the host for several contingency hotels.

The Local Authority is not responsible for accommodating asylum seekers.

Our role is in liaison with these private contractors, and statutory and voluntary agencies to try and ensure that they can respond to local circumstances and ensure the safety and wellbeing of people seeking asylum in Birmingham.

Read more about Initial accommodation, asylum dispersal, and the role of our LAASLO

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