ARAP-Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy

Birmingham City Council is supporting the resettlement of Afghans through the ARAP Scheme (Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy).

The ARAP scheme was launched in April 2021.

Under the scheme, any locally employed staff who worked with the British Forces in Afghanistan can apply for resettlement.

As part of Birmingham’s commitment, we have welcomed nearly all the promised 80 people who will be provided with a range of support to rebuild their lives in our city.

This support will include

  • housing,
  • school places,
  • access to healthcare,
  • learning English language,
  • employment support.

In December 2021 the city council approved the pledge to welcome more than 200 Afghan refugees under the ARAP and the ACRS schemes.

Read the report outlining recommendations to accept 110 refugees per year in 2022/23 and 2023/24

Both ARAP and ACRS programmes are funded by the Home Office.

This is in line with previous resettlement schemes (Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme and UK Resettlement Scheme).

Since 2015, Birmingham’s approach to refugee resettlement has been to procure services that help new arrivals to integrate into their new communities and settle into their new lives.

People arriving via these schemes will have immediate Indefinite Leave to Remain and full access to public funds.

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