Renewing items

You can renew most items (up to a maximum of 3 times) in person at any Birmingham library, by telephone, or online through 'My Account'. If you telephone, you will need your library card and the items to hand. If an item is reserved you will not be able to renew it.

To renew loans online:

  1. Login and select My Account and Summary tab.
  2. Go to Loans and select Current loans.
  3. If you want to renew individual loans select by ticking the checkbox for each loan you would like to renew then click Renew Selections.
  4. If you want to renew all your current loans, click Renew All.

Your list of loans will be returned showing the result for each renewal in the status column. Some renewals may not be successful. Note the new due date for each loan.

Note that renewal is not automatic. Give yourself enough time to return the item if it cannot be renewed, to avoid incurring late charges.

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