Key announcements

Our council tax and benefits online systems and forms may be unavailable on Saturday 21 May between 8am and 2pm due to planned maintenance. Details of how to offer support to Ukraine residents fleeing war, and where to find information and advice are on our City of Sanctuary webpage

Joining the library

Membership of the library services is free. Please download and read the membership terms and conditions.

Joining online

You can join online. After completing the online registration form, take your selfreg reference number and proof of address to your nearest Birmingham library to collect your membership card.

Begin online registration

To access our eContent you will need to complete our online registration form. Once you have completed this, email us with your selfreg number and we will create your eBooks account. We do require that you live in Birmingham and pay council tax to Birmingham City Council to be able to use.

It will last for 3 months but we can extend it further if libraries have not reopened. To continue using the service once our libraries are open, you will need to complete the online joining process by taking proof of address to your nearest Birmingham library to collect your membership card. If you no longer wish to user this service, you do not need to do anything as your details will be removed from our system.

Junior membership

You can join at any age - the younger the better! If you are under 16 you will need to ask your parent/guardian or someone over 18 in your family to download and complete the form, or fill in the online joining form and register on your behalf at your local library. We will give you a free library card which you can use straightaway.

Joining in person

You can join at any public library in Birmingham.

At the Library of Birmingham you can use our self-service information points, which are a quick and easy way to become a library member.

You will usually be able to borrow books and music recordings straight away and your library card can be used at ALL Birmingham public libraries.

What you need to bring with you when you join

If you are 16 or over, you must provide one proof of name and address. If you are a student studying in Birmingham you will need to provide both proof of your home address and proof of your temporary address.

If you already have a library card then there's no need for you to rejoin. Your account may have expired and all you will need to do is present your existing card long with one of the proofs of identity listed below.

If you move or change any of your details then you need to let us know. Some details can be changed online. Change of address must be done at your local library as proof of your new address has to be shown.

Acceptable Proofs of Identity

Items marked * must be no more than two months old.

  • Driving Licence
  • Medical Card
  • Bank Statement*
  • Water Bill*
  • Rent Book
  • Council Tax Book
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Gas Bill*
  • Electricity Bill*
  • Telephone Bill*
  • Credit Card Bill*
  • Charge Card Bill*
  • Other Official Letters*
  • TV Licence
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