Inclusive materials and equipment

Inclusive Collection

The following can be found together on the Inclusive shelves. Categories 1 to 3, and 6, can be used by all children. Categories 4 and 5 are reserved especially for individual children with disabilities.

  1. Learning Sign
    Learn British Sign Language (BSL)
  2. Learning Makaton
    Learn and practice Makaton. The Makaton language uses signs and symbols, supporting speech to convey messages.
  3. Early signing
    Baby signing books which include stories, songs, and rhyme, simple signs using had gestures and facial expresssions to convey messages.

    Books about me
    Books featuring disabled main characters. Books that clearly define and explain a range of children's disabilities.
  4. Complex Board books for mobility and dexterity needs
    Popular children's books in a chunky board format, to enable children with motability difficulties an independent reading experience.
  5. Multi-sensory books
    Story books with an added element of sound or texture.
  6. Giant Print Braille picture books
    Popular story books in giant print and Braille.

Other stock

Talking Books on CD
All children’s talking books on CD have been Braille labelled to enable independent selection.

Dyslexia friendly books
Our Quick Read collections contain Barrington Stokes books, which have been developed to assist children and teenagers with dyslexia.

Living Paintings and Clear Vision
Living Paintings are enriched story books with moulded pictures and a descriptive CD.
Clear Vision provides story books with Braille.

Materials for use with groups

Resources available to use in the library for visiting groups. These must be booked in advance.

Bag Books
Interactive stories written to have taste, sound and feel through objects.

Story Sacks
Well-known stories with puppet characters such as The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.

Find out the full list of Bag Books and Story Sacks available and how to book.

Other useful organisations

  • Access2Books sell children’s books in giant print and braille with adapted print images
  • Action for Blind People provide information and support to people with a visual impairment
  • Bag Books produce multisensory stories for people with severe learning difficulties or profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • Booktrust a national literacy charity. Their free BookTouch packs contain books specially selected for children with a visual impairment and their Bookmark site gives information on children’s books and disabilities.
  • Calibre Audio Library run a library of audiobooks for anyone who cannot read print, including a special selection for children/young people.
  • Guidedogs provide a wealth of information, support and services for children with a visual impairment. Their Custom Eyes service produces tailor-made books in any font size
  • Linden Lodge School is the Specialist Sensory and Physical College where ClearVision started. We are still based within the school grounds.
  • Moon Information Base has information about the tactile reading system Moon
  • National Federation of families with visually impaired children provides information and support to young people and their families
  • Positive Eye run a consultancy providing training and learning resources for professionals supporting children with Visual Impairment
  • Reading Sight has a wealth of information about reading for people with a visual impairment
  • RNIB Bookshare has an online collection of downloadable learning resources for anyone who has trouble reading print
  • RNIB Library Service
  • Tactile Book Advancement Group has further information on tactile books and their creation
  • Through Scarlett’s Eyes is run by the parent of a child who has a visual impairment this site gives practical advice and support for other parents. It was set up by VICTA (see below).
  • UK Association for Accessible Formats
  • VICTA provides support, grants, trip and activities for children with a visual impairment
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