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What should I do If I have been asked to leave my property?

As a tenant, you have legal rights. Your landlord must follow the correct steps if they would like to you to leave. You will find these on our private tenant advice page.

Speak with your landlord to find out why they want you to leave

If your landlord has asked you to leave, ask them why. It may be that the issue can be resolved.

If you cannot resolve the issue, or your landlord needs their property back for another reason, you need to consider other housing options.

Rent arrears

If you have not kept up your rent payments, your landlord may allow you to stay if you set up a payment plan.

It is better to make an offer to repay your arrears, as it may affect your ability to get future housing. This includes getting social housing.

If you are homeless as a result of rent arrears, it may limit the duty we owe to help you. This means we may not have a duty to re-house you.

Visit our money advice page for support.

If you are unable to resolve the issues with your landlord

Your landlord must give you a reasonable notice period and cannot force you to leave the property without going to court. However, it may take longer than the notice period for you to secure alternative housing.

If you end up seeking homelessness help from us, we may not have a duty to provide temporary housing. If we decide that we do have a duty to rehome you, then you may be in temporary housing for a long time.

You may have to wait a while before we can make you an offer of suitable long-term housing. You can avoid this if you find your own housing before your landlord evicts you.

Page last updated: 3 May 2023

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