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Landlord has asked you to leave

If your landlord tells you that they want to end your tenancy, don’t do anything before you get advice from the Private Tenancy Team on 0121 303 5070 or email:

The landlord must give you a valid written notice. The length of notice required and the form in which it must be given will depend on the type of tenancy you have. Most tenancies are an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and you will be entitled to two months written notice. In most cases your landlord should obtain a court order and a Bailiffs Warrant of Eviction before you can be legally evicted. You could be liable for your landlord’s court costs. You should not move out or give the keys back till your landlord has completed the legal process. Make sure you get advice. If your landlord evicts you without following the proper procedure, or tries to get you to leave by threatening you or cutting off the fuel supplies and so on, they are committing a criminal offence.

Your landlord or their agent must follow the correct legal procedure to end your tenancy. If any attempt is made to evict you without a court order, get advice immediately. It is also a crime for a landlord or anyone acting on their behalf to harass you. This means doing anything that will make you want to leave, such as threatening you, cutting off your fuel supply or trying to prevent you from exercising your rights. Make a detailed note of anything that happens and get witnesses if possible. Get advice immediately

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