General Election 2019

The general election will take place on Thursday 12 December 2019. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Tuesday 26 November 2019. Are you registered to vote?

Changing your personal details

Change of address

If you wish your postal vote to go to a different address than the one you requested originally, you should let us know, in writing, as soon as possible. You must give a reason for requesting that your postal vote is delivered to an alternative address.

If you wish to change your address around the election period, you may find that you receive two postal votes so please use the most recent one only.

If you change the address where you’re registered to vote, you will need to complete a new application form if you wish to continue voting by post.

Change of name

If you've changed your name, you will receive a new postal vote application. You will need to check whether your signature has also changed and record your new one. If your signature changes close to the deadline. you need to check which signature we have on record.

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