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Completing the application form

You can download a postal voting application form from the apply to vote website. The form must be printed out and completed, as we need a physical signature and return to the elections office.

Your completed postal application form may be handed in at our office, posted or faxed to 0121 212 1065. Alternatively, a scanned pdf copy of the completed and signed form emailed to  

If your form is incomplete it will be returned to you. If you need assistance in completing the application form, please call the elections office.

After you’ve sent your form

Once the form has been processed, we will send you a letter confirming your postal vote has been accepted. Please check this letter carefully. It’s your responsibility to make sure that all the details are correct. You should contact the elections office immediately if you find something wrong.

Please note that if you apply close to the deadline you will receive this confirmation letter sooner than your postal vote.

Personal identifiers

All personal identifiers (personal details) collected upon application for a postal vote will be held securely by us, and won’t be used for any purposes other than checking against your Postal Voter’s Statement.

A new form will be sent out to you to update the personal identifiers annually of anyone who has had a postal vote for more than 5 years to make sure details such as your signature are still up to date.

Your postal vote will be cancelled if you don’t reply to our request for a new signature within 6 weeks.

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