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Questions about the 2018 ward changes

Why did this happen?

The Local Government Boundary Commission were asked by the Government to perform a review of Birmingham’s ward structure, number of councillors and frequency of elections

When did this happen?

The review started in July 2015 and was made law in 2016. There was a full consultation process, published on the website.

I am not happy, what can I do about it?

This consultation has closed and the changes have been passed as law.

Why have I been placed in this ward?

You have been placed in the ward following the review undertaken by the Local Government Boundary Commission in 2015 and then following consultation became law in 2016.

Will it affect the value of my house or the Council Tax that I have to pay?

The value of your house is not affected by the ward name. Your Council Tax band will be unchanged.

I have received an email/epoll card, is it genuine?

Yes, it has been sent out to those who we hold an email address for. The polling card was sent from the email address,

I had an email, now I have had a paper poll card, why?

We have a statutory obligation to send a paper poll card. We are trying alternative methods of increasing awareness and connecting with electorate

I had an epoll card, I have requested a change to how I vote, but I have still been sent a paper poll card to attend a polling station

If your postal vote application was received by 5pm Wednesday 19 April 2018  your request is being processed  The postal vote pack will be sent out around Monday 23 April 2018.

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