Local Government Boundary Review

The ward boundary review was finalised in September 2016

Background documents on the consultation.

As a result of this review, elections will take place on an all-out basis every 4 years from 2018. This is a change from the previous cycle of electing by thirds for 3 consecutive years followed by a fallow year. All Councillors will be elected to their seats at the same time. After the elections in May 2018, Birmingham City Council should be represented by 101 councillors serving 69 wards comprising of 37 single-member wards, 32 two-member wards (there are currently 120 councillors representing 40 three member wards). 

In order to move towards the new arrangements, we are undertook a full review of Polling Districts and Places in order to ensure that polling stations are located in the most suitable place within the new wards.

Consultation took place in two stages in 2017

Background information – polling district review consultation

Feedback received from members of the public, Elected Members, Political groups and any other interested parties was taken into account before the final recommendations were approved by the Council Business Management Committee on 23rd October 2017.

You can now view the final versions of the 69 new ward maps in Birmingham showing the polling boundaries and the polling station locations.

The changes to wards and polling districts took effect from the Register of Electors published on 1st December 2017. However, the changes to the number of Councillors in Birmingham and the wards they represent will take place at the local elections held on Thursday 3rd May 2018.