Hedge and shrub maintenance

Hedges are usually kept to a maximum height of 2 metres. Pruning is carried out between 1 and 3 times a year, depending on the species and location of the hedge. For example, an agricultural or field hedge is usually cut just once a year, but a formal privet or box hedge is cut three times a year.

During the bird nesting season (approximately March until August), we can’t cut hedges that have birds nesting in them.  Disturbing nesting birds is against the law. Work will be carried out when the young birds have fledged and left the nest.

Shrub beds are pruned once in the Summer (April to September) to keep paths, pavements, windows and doors clear, and once in the Winter (October to March) to remove the previous year’s growth. Weeds, litter and debris are removed at the same time.

Report overgrown shrubs and hedges

Overgrown hedges on private land

If a hedge on private land is growing over a footpath and making it difficult to pass, it is the responsibility of the land owner to cut the hedge. If nothing is done and the hedge is causing an obstruction, the Highways Authority may cut it.

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