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Grass cutting

Grass cutting areas have been reduced by 20% across Birmingham since 2017.

Our amenity grass cutting programme takes place every 3 weeks.

The parks and nature conservation service will stop the use of glyphosate chemicals across Birmingham except where there is a health and safety issue with sight lines. Instead of glyphosate chemicals, we will be trialling a Pelargonic or Acetic Acid based product.

The council is responsible for cutting almost 30 million square metres of grass across Birmingham. Our grass cutting schedule is set in advance to make sure we cut all areas regularly.

So that we don't fall behind schedule:

  • we cut grass in all weather, unless the conditions make it too dangerous
  • we can't change our schedule to respond to a spurt in grass growth

We pick litter before mowing, to avoid it being cut up and spread by the mowers.

After mowing, any grass cuttings on the pavement will be blown back on to the grass as soon as possible. We don't collect grass cuttings as the equipment needed to collect and remove them would significantly increase the cost of the mowing service.

Let us know about a problem with grass cutting

Before you get in touch, please note that it can often take more than one day to cut an area of grass. For example, our team use large mowers to cut open areas of grass, but will return later to use a smaller mower to cut around trees and so on.

Grass cuttings are blown back as soon as possible after mowing, but this may not be on the same day.

Report a grass cutting problem

Let us know about problems such as cuttings left on the pavement, litter cut by mowers, or grass that hasn't been cut when it should have been.

Page last updated: 1 June 2023

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