Apply to hold an event in a park

Birmingham’s parks and public open spaces are a great place to hold your public event.

We have hosted:

  • carnivals
  • charity events
  • funfairs
  • races, and more

You will need permission for any organised outdoor event. You will need to apply at least 12 weeks in advance, especially when it involves:

  • large groups of people
  • equipment or structures
  • music

We recommend that you do not advertise your event until you have written confirmation from us that your event can go ahead.

Normally your event must be open to the general public, but you can charge people to attend. Private functions, such as weddings and corporate events, are sometimes allowed in some parks.

Read our terms and conditions before submitting your application.

Refer to the scale of charges for your event at your chosen park

Apply to hold an event

Community or volunteering activities

We also have many friends and community groups who organise practical conservation events and activities. If you are from one of these groups, apply using the community and volunteering activities form:

Apply to hold community and volunteering activities

Page last updated: 26 September 2023

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