Memorials and commemorative features in parks

You may wish to remember someone or mark a special event by donating a bench to one of the parks or open spaces managed by the council. Other options such as bulb planting or woodland planting are also possible in some locations.

You can request a suitable bench with a plaque.

When you apply, you can let us know where you would like the bench placed. We always try to meet requests, though sometimes we may have to offer a slightly different location.


Benches must be purchased through the council. The minimum order time is 8 weeks, but statutory constraints may arise depending on the location which will lengthen the process. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

A bench will cost approx. between £750 and £1500 and the location must be agreed with the local District Parks Manager. Sometimes it isn’t possible to install the bench in the requested location.

Unfortunately, due to the large demand of benches at the Lickey Hills and Sutton Park, we are now at capacity and can no longer install memorial benches at these sites.

Request a memorial or commemorative feature

You can make your request using the form below. Once we’ve received your request, we’ll get in touch to discuss it with you in more detail and to talk about arrangements and costs.

Once you have requested a bench it will normally take at least 8 to 10 weeks before it’s put in place.

We will arrange for the bench to be fixed in place. We’ll let you know when this will be so that you can attend. You can also request a specific date and we will try to accommodate this if possible.

Request a memorial or commemorative feature

Unfortunately we are not able to replace damaged benches.

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