Types of events and activities

Angling competitions

Fourteen of our parks have angling facilities. All sites have an annual close season from 15 March to 15 June, except for Fox Hollies Park, Pype Hayes Park, Salford Park and Shenley Pool.

If you want to host an angling competition, complete a park event application form. You will be charged a fee per peg required.

Find out more about fishing licences, tickets and charges.

Balloon releases

Balloon releases can harm wildlife and then environment. Please consider alternatives where possible. You can find out more in the Outdoor Entertainment Event Guide.


You cannot have a barbecue in a public park or green open space unless it is part of an event and is supplied and operated by a professional certified company.

Car boot sales

Car boot sales may be held to raise money for charity. Commercial car boot sales cannot be held in council parks or open spaces.

To apply to hold a charity boot sale, complete the park event application form and complete the car boot sale application form.

Film, TV and photography

Film or television production requests must be sent to FILM Birmingham. The team will liaise with all the relevant council on your behalf.

For further information visit filmbirmingham.co.uk, or email sindy.campbell@birmingham.gov.uk, or call 0121 464 9305

Friends Group activities in parks

We know what brilliant work our Friends Groups do in parks and we want to support you with your planned activities.

Whether it’s conservation work at your local park on a voluntary basis, running a walking group or bird watching group, we want to know what you’re planning to be able to give you support delivering your activities and staying safe while you do.

Please tell us what you have planned,so we can make sure you have everything in place you need and there are no conflicts with other events or planned activities.

For BOSF member groups, one application can cover all your group’s activity for a full year from January to December.

Please note, if you apply part way through the year, your approval will still only be valid up to 31 December that year.

Funfairs and circuses

Certain sites across Birmingham are suitable for funfair and circus operators to hold events. To find out more about holding a funfair or circus, or to apply to hold one, please email parksevents@birmingham.gov.uk

If you want to incorporate a funfair with adult rides into your event, you may be able to get financial support towards your event from the funfair operator. Contact parksevents@birmingham.gov.uk for further guidance.

Sponsored walks or runs

If you are organising a sponsored walk or run you may want to use our Walk 2000 2km routes, which are already marked out in many of our parks and green open spaces. Routes are marked with a combination of wooden sign posts and green footprints on the ground.

Sports tournaments and meetings

If you want to host a sports tournament that does not involve music or any other event activities, you can hire a sports pitch. You do not need to apply to hold an event. Email lynn.kavanagh@birmingham.gov.uk or phone 0121 464 6024 for more details on pitch hire.

Our Sports Events team can give you advice and support on organising your event. Email eventsteam@birmingham.gov.uk or call 0121 303 3008 for more details.

Wedding photography and filming

You are welcome to use our parks or green open spaces as backdrops for your wedding photographs or video. If you are using a professional photographer, you must apply for permission first and there will be a charge.

The photos and film must be for personal use only.

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