Getting permission to hold a market or fair

If you would like to hold a one off or an occasional market or fair in Birmingham, you must apply for a licence from the council.

Even if the fair or market is on private land, you must get permission if the public can access your event. If you don’t, both you and the landowner could be prosecuted.

There is no limit on the number of one or two day weekday fairs you can apply to hold. To prevent local disruption, we may restrict the number of weekend fairs you can hold.

Will you have over 50 stalls at your event?

If you want to have more than 50 stalls:

  • commercial companies must give us at least two months’ notice
  • organisations running the event for charity must give us at least 28 days’ notice

If you have more than 50 stalls without getting our agreement beforehand, we may not give you licence to hold events in the future.

Download a licence application form

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