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Plans in preparation | Draft planning guidance | Birmingham City Council

Plans in preparation

Development Management in Birmingham DPD

The DPD provides details development management policies to support the delivery of the Birmingham Development Plan, and will replace the saved policies of the Unitary Development Plan when adopted.

The DPD was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination in July 2020.

Examination hearings took place in November 2020.

Read the latest news on the DPD.

Beeches, Barr and Booths (3Bs) Neighbourhood Development Plan

The plan has been formally submitted to the council and will be publicised until 12 February 2021.

The council will then seek an independent examiner to review the plan.

If the examiner’s recommendation is favourable, the council will organise a referendum which is likely to be in Summer 2021.

Birmingham Design Guide Draft SPD

Birmingham Design Guide Draft SPD is currently out for consultation until 5 February 2021.

Our Future City Plan

We are producing a document for central Birmingham that will provide the blueprint for its future.

We want to create a vibrant city with a mix of activities including retail, offices, leisure, education, tourism, civic and community functions, with equal opportunities for all, including access to jobs and high-quality homes.

We all need to work together on a shared vision and agreed set of actions to achieve this.

Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Masterplan Draft SPD

Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Masterplan Draft SPD is currently out for consultation until 15 January 2021.

Digbeth SPD

Digbeth SPD is in preparation, timescales are under review. A draft be published when the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted, and consultation events can be held

Parking SPD

Parking SPD was subject to public consultation in January/February 2020. Adoption is anticipated in Spring 2021.