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About the project

Druids Heath is approximately six miles south of the city centre and lies near the boundary between Worcestershire and Birmingham, with good access to the A435 road and the M42 motorway.

It is predominantly a residential area, mostly developed in the 1960s by the City Council to provide a mixture of low rise and high-rise accommodation.

Druids Heath has remained largely unchanged since it was built and remains the only large Municipal Estate in Birmingham that has received no major regeneration investment.

While the location is excellent, the environment and character of parts of the area are poor, as is the quality, design and layout of many of the properties themselves.

In 2016 Birmingham City Council had the opportunity to work with the Homes and Communities Agency who provided funds to prepare a master plan for the regeneration of parts of Druids Heath.

Following the consultation in 2017 and 2018, a preferred option was chosen. This option was to re-house and demolish six tower blocks [Heath House, Saxelby House, Kingswood House, Barratts House, Hillcroft House and Brookpiece House].

In addition, Baverstock School was also approved for demolition and development of new homes to take place on these sites. Harrison House, Parker House and Middlefield are to be retained and benefit from the Council's Capital Investment Programme.

Cabinet approval was gained in October 2018, for a 7-year redevelopment programme.

Following implementation and delivery of this programme a review of the properties in the south of Bells lane area will be undertaken.

There is a local lettings plan in place that ensures residents effected by rehousing have the option to return to Druids Heath.

At a public meeting in February 2020 it was agreed that the re-housing and demolition should continue and that a Partnership Board was set up to ensure that designs and proposals can have input from across all sections of the community.

A Partnership Board was set up in March 2020, with representatives from local community, organisations and stakeholders in Druids Heath. The board has elected resident Chair, Vice Chair and continue to meet virtually throughout lockdown.

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