Places for the future

Status: On hold.

The Places for the Future supplementary planning document (SPD) has been drafted to provide detailed guidance for future development and investment in Birmingham, with particular emphasis on safeguarding our resources for future generations.

The SPD’s specific objectives are to:

  • Set out how national and strategic policy will be interpreted in detail in Birmingham’s development.
  • Identify the elements of sustainable development which all future projects must consider.
  • Provide detailed guidance on both of the above.
  • Ensure the city meets its agreed carbon reduction targets.
  • Ensure the city adapts to future climate change.
  • Ensure the city’s overall natural environment, biodiversity, ecology and historical heritage are nurtured and maintained.

This supplementary planning document is written to support the sustainable development policies of the draft Birmingham Development Plan and the key outcomes of the Birmingham Sustainable Community Strategy 2026.

We asked for your comments on this document in February and March 2012, and have taken them into account. The document is to be renamed ‘Your Green & Healthy City’ to better reflect its content, and has been put on hold until the examination into the Birmingham Development Plan is completed.

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