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Consultation undertaken in Druids Heath | Druids Heath Regeneration | Birmingham City Council

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Consultation undertaken in Druids Heath

Survey in  Jan/ Feb 2017

In January/February 2017, a public consultation survey was sent out to all residents/businesses in the Regeneration area. This sought views on what people thought of the area as a place to live/work and what residents considered to be the main strengths and weaknesses.

This identified a mix of both positive and negative impressions of the area. Strengths identified were:  transport, accessibility and open space. Weaknesses identified were unattractive area, lack of job opportunities and feeling unsafe.

Second Survey and Public Consultation Sessions -  November 2017 - January 2018

In December 2017, BCC sent out a questionnaire to approximately 1,800 addresses in Druids Heath East and South. The questionnaire set out details of the three Preferred Options (A, B and C). Four public exhibition sessions were held during December 2017 and January 2018.  These sessions were well attended and offered residents an opportunity to view the three options, ask questions and express their views. ‘Fly through’ video imagery was also available at these sessions so that residents could see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ impression of the proposed changes including the significant impact on the area that would result from redevelopment of the tower block sites and the previous Baverstock School site. The sessions were manned by Birmingham City Council Officers, and representatives from APC group and Wood plc.

Residents were able to complete the surveys during the public consultation sessions and ACP group undertook a number of door-step interviews to obtain people’s views on the three options.   In addition Birmingham City Council used the Be Heard website where people could find the information and fill in the questionnaire. 

The Consultation period closed in February 2018 and the results area shown in the table below:

The overall return response rate was 28%, the table below shows the preferred option from these respondents. The majority of people were in favour of Option A (45%). Option C was the second most popular option (40%). Option B had little support (13%)

Outcome of Druids Heath consultation
Options % Percentage of people that chose option
Option A - Rehousing and demolition of tower blocks and build new housing in its place and build on development land including the previous Baverstock School site 45%
Option B - The same as Option A with additional 63 more properties in the East 13%
Option C - The same as Option A with an additional 151 properties in both the East and South 40%
Residents did not choose an option 3%

Option - Preferred 

The results of the survey show that the preferred way forward is Option A with the tower blocks and new build on available land, including the previous Baverstock School Site. Please note the variation to this option, which includes retention and refurbishment of Parker House, Middlefield House and Harrison House.(see note below)

What happens now

Taking into account the consultation results and the budget constraints, discussions have been taking place with Officers from the City Council. This is required before a report can be presented to Birmingham City Council with a recommendation for the way forward.   Due to the number of tower blocks and the length of time required to rehouse and build, the recommendation for the regeneration programme will include a phased programme.

A report will be presented to Cabinet on the 9 October 2018, which will recommend the following:

(Please note that until approval is gained, these are proposals only).

The programme will be split into two phases, the first phase is in the East and this will take approximately 7 years to complete, from 2018 to 2025. This will include the rehousing and demolition of the following high rise blocks with the proposed order being:   Saxelby House, Barratts House, Kingswood House and Hillcroft House in the East.  Due to its close proximity, Brookpiece House, is also included from the South.

Retention and Refurbishment of Parker House, Middlefield House and Harrison House Consultation comments from residents of Harrison House were mixed, with some people preferring to stay in the block.  Together with this and considering the proximity of the other 2 tower blocks, it is our intention to work with our colleagues in Asset Management and Maintenance Division to identify the feasibility of refurbishing Parker House, Middlefield House and Harrison House.  These refurbishment works would include re-roofing, structural strengthening, new windows, balcony enclosures, external wall insulation, communal decoration and a review of the current heating provision.  These works  will be carried out in conjunction with the overall estate redevelopment timetable.

New Build Programme 

The report will also request authority to start the process of appointing a housing developer and start building new properties using Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust, on the land that is available and on the old Baverstock School Site.  This will include approximately 250 new homes, both council houses and houses for sale, along with improved public open spaces.  .

Phase 2 for the South Area

Due to the length of time required for the first phase (7 years), after this work has been completed a review will be undertaken for the tower blocks on the south side.  These include – Moor House, Pleck House, Drews House, Bellfield House, Pitmeadow House and Topfield House.