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Due to scheduled maintenance, our housing repairs service may be unavailable for periods from 5pm Friday 12 April to 9am Monday 15 April. To find out more about the section 114 notice, visit our section 114 page

Determining whether planning approval is required

In the first instance, landowners, developers or agents should raise an enquiry with

  1. If sufficient evidence is provided to demonstrate that the proposed occupancy of a property will be for a single household of no more than six people (informed by the criteria above) then a dwelling falling within C3(a) use class can be converted to C3(b) or C3(c) use class as permitted development and won’t require a planning application.
  2. If the evidence provided is insufficient to demonstrate that the property will be occupied by a single household of no more than six people, or if no evidence is provided, then the city council will consider the proposed use to be Sui Generis and a change of use planning application will be required for the property to be converted from an existing C3(a) dwelling.

Larger properties that accommodate 7 or more people are always considered to be a Sui Generis use and will always require a planning application if they are to be created from the conversion of a C3(a) dwelling.

As with all types of development, the city council will investigate the conversion of properties which have taken place without planning approval and when a planning application would have been required. Report any such cases to

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