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Determining whether the occupants form a single household

Whether occupants form a single household will always be a matter to be determined on a case by case basis as a matter of fact and degree.

There are no certain criteria, the presence or absence of any of which is by itself conclusive.

However, the council will have regard to the following factors, amongst others, for determining if the occupants of a property form a single household:

  • whether the bedrooms contain kitchen and or cooking equipment such as sink, microwave or fridge;
  • whether the kitchen is of a reasonable size to accommodate the needs of all the occupants and evidence that it is in use e.g. food in the cupboards and fridge and utensils being used;
  • whether there is a separate lounge area or large kitchen diner that allows a space for residents to spend time out of their bedrooms;
  • whether there are no more than six occupants residing at the property;
  • what the relationship is between the occupants.

It will be the responsibility of the landowner or agent for the property to demonstrate whether the occupants form a single household and whether or not care is provided to one or more of its residents.

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