Your rubbish bin

About your rubbish bin

The lid of your rubbish bin is grey.

If your property is not suitable for wheelie bins, you will need to put bin bags out for collection. We will collect up to 3 bags at each collection.

How to put your rubbish bins or bags out for collection

Check my collection day

You must not store your bin on the street. It should be on your property when it is not out for collection.

Collection will take place after 5:30am. Do not put your bin out any earlier than 3:30pm the day before.

We will not collect extra rubbish bags left next to your wheelie bin. If you have extra rubbish which cannot fit in your wheelie bin, you can take it to your nearest Household Recycling Centre (HRC).

You must return your bin to your property by midday on the day after collection. For example, if your collection day is Wednesday, you must put your bin back on your property by midday on Thursday.

What you can put in your rubbish bin

In your bin, you can put non-recyclable household rubbish, including food waste.

If you have building waste, such as rubble, you will need to take this to the HRC.

What you cannot put in your rubbish bin

You can take these, apart from asbestos, to your nearest household recycling centre. We also offer a service to remove some of these items.

Page last updated: 18 September 2023

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